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Montauk to NYC: It’s the Season of Style Savings Event!

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Luminette Privacy Sheer Season of Style Promotion


Receive a $100 rebate* when you buy 1 Luminette® Privacy Sheer, plus receive a $100 rebate for each additional unit.

Pirouette Shadings Season of Style Promotion


Receive a $100 rebate* when you buy 2 Pirouette® shadings, plus receive a $50 rebate for each additional unit.

Silhouette Shadings Season of Style Promotion


Receive a $100 rebate* when you buy 2 Silhouette® Window Shadings, plus receive a $50 rebate for each additional unit.

Vignette Modern Roman Shades Season of Style Promotion


Receive a $100 rebate* when you buy 4 Vignette® Modern Roman Shades, plus receive a $25 rebate for each additional unit.

Duette Honeycomb Shades Season of Style Promotion


Receive a $100 rebate* when you buy 4 Duette® Honeycomb Shades, plus receive a $25 rebate for each additional unit.

Sonnette Cellular Roller Shades Season of Style Promotion


Receive a $100 rebate* when you buy 4 Sonnette™ cellular roller shades, plus receive a $25 rebate for each additional unit.

*Manufacturer’s mail-in rebate offer valid for qualifying purchases made 9/12/20–12/7/20 from participating dealers in the U.S. only. Rebate will be issued in the form of a prepaid reward card and mailed within 6 weeks of rebate claim approval. Funds do not expire. Subject to applicable law, a $2.00 monthly fee will be assessed against card balance 6 months after card issuance and each month thereafter. See complete terms distributed with reward card. Additional limitations may apply. Ask participating dealer for details and rebate form. ©2020 Hunter Douglas. All rights reserved. All trademarks used herein are the property of Hunter Douglas or their respective owners.

How to Know When it’s Time to Update your Window Treatments

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When updating a home, most people think of the obvious enhancements: a fresh coat of paint, new furniture, a new piece of artwork, or even a houseplant. But what many overlook are the window treatments.

The curtains, shades, or blinds on your windows can make a great impact on the look and feel of a room. And whether you’re updating the room or not, there are key signs to let you know it’s time to replace your window treatments.

Warped or Bent Slats

You wouldn’t keep a broken chair in your living room, so why keep broken blinds? If your blinds are bent out of shape or warped from humidity or heat damage, it’s definitely time to find a replacement. Misshapen blinds won’t be just an eyesore, either–the damage will likely prevent you from raising and lowering them correctly as well.

Unsafe for Children or Pets

If you have curious children or pets in your home, you may want to consider replacing your window treatments with cordless versions. Exposed cords are a strangulation hazard. Fortunately, Manufacturers have created child safe products that were not available years ago. These types of shades include: cordless shades or blinds, plantation shutters, or draperies might be a better choice for your home.

Difficult to Operate

Blinds that are difficult to operate can pose more of a threat than just an annoying inconvenience. If you’re using significant force every time you try to raise your blinds, chances are high you could pull them off the wall completely. Your blinds might be difficult to operate for a few reasons: the lifting mechanisms could be damaged and on the brink of breaking, or the slats were made too wide so the cords and mechanisms can’t support the load. Either way, it’s time to replace.

Discolored or Yellowed Slats

Since they spend a lot of time in the sun, all blinds are susceptible to discoloration or fading. However, if your blinds have dramatically yellowed or discolored, the issue may be more serious than just an interior decorating disaster. Intense discoloration is a sign of material deterioration, meaning the structural integrity of your blinds is at risk. Replace your blinds before they fall apart completely, and consider a material with UV inhibitors for a longer-lasting solution.

Don’t Close Tightly

If you notice your blinds don’t close as tightly as they used to, or the slats barely respond when you twist the tilt wand, it’s time to consider a replacement. This is an indication that the tilt mechanism has given out, and it’s a difficult piece to replace without dealing with the hassle of re-cording your whole blind. Your best bet in this situation is just to replace the entire unit.

Out of Style

Think window treatments can’t go out of style? Think again. If you’ve never replaced your blinds or are still sporting the blinds that were installed when your home was built, it’s probably time for an upgrade. Modern furniture and other interior updates will only go so far if you’ve still got venetian blinds or old-fashioned roller shades on your windows. In addition to an outdated look, old blinds can be worn out and dangerous. Outside of plantation shutters, most window treatments come with a lifespan of just seven or eight years. Do your family (and interior decorating) a favor, and swap out your old blinds for a safe and stylish upgrade.

New Windows

What better time to replace your window treatments than when you’re replacing the windows themselves? Kill two birds with one stone and pick out a new treatment to go with your new windows. Chances are, your old blinds won’t be a perfect fit for the new windows, anyway, as new windows often have less depth.

Don’t Meet Your Needs

Finally, your old blinds simply might not meet your window treatment needs. They could be in great shape, but if your blinds aren’t providing the privacy, insulation, or sun protection you need, it might be time to upgrade to a window treatment that better fits your needs. If you’re looking for more privacy, consider shades rather than blinds. If you want to cut energy costs, cellular shades and blinds will provide the best insulation for all seasons. And for glare control and sun blockage, try blackout shades and curtains.

Regardless of which window treatment you need, East End Blinds can offer you a high-quality and reasonably priced solution. CONTACT US today!

Summer Home Window Treatments

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East End Blinds has you covered from Montauk to Manhattan. We also specialize in summer home window treatments and have a strong customer base in the Hamptons, Fire Island, as well as the North Fork. We use the best products from Hunter Douglas and other high end brands, and we have the finest craftsmanship. We love what we do. Our crews are fanatical about doing things right and will not leave a job site until the final installation is PERFECT.

There are lots of options for summer homes: New England style shutters, Provenance wood window coverings, Solar shades, and so much more. We do high-end luxury installations as well as mid to economical range projects. We have so many beautiful ways to filter the light in your summer home, just the way you want it.

We also specialize in outdoor patios and party areas. We have sun sails, solar shades, and more to separate and shade your poolside and barbecue outdoor space.

All of our products and installs can be combined with ultra-quiet motorized technologies which can be controlled from your Smart Phone or Alexa.

The owner of the company Tom is part of every job. You will not be disappointed.

Below are some recent jobs from Fire Island and the Hamptons. Contact us and let’s talk about your project!

Mother’s Day Gift for Long Island Moms

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Mother’s Day is a week away and you haven’t thought about a gift yet. The quarantine has you in a zombie like stupor and your world is upside down. We get it, and maybe we can help.

Buy mom a window makeover! Yep, we make it easy! Pay nothing now. We’ll give you a nice certificate to give her on Mother’s Day that includes a full house windows makeover. It’s good for a virtual zoom consult via videoconferencing or an in-person appointment after the quarantine is over so that we can meet with her and discuss whether she wants blinds, sun shades, New England style shutters, or our fancy motorized blinds that are controlled by Alexa, her iPad, or her Smartphone!

Finally once the appointment is over we’ll get back to you and we’ll work with you on the invoice. The whole process is seamless, no money up front, and mom will be blown away at the creativity and amount of thought you put into the gift! We cover Montauk to Manhattan and all towns in between. Our projects range from small homes to luxury mansions, and we do residential and commercial.

The best part about our company is the customer satisfaction. Check out our reviews on Facebook and Google. People love us because we’re real people, honest, and we go to any lengths to ensure customer satisfaction. The President of the company Tom is part of every project!

What are you waiting for! Let’s get your mother’s day gift arranged now! Shoot us a message and we’ll call you back.


To help prevent the spread of COVID-19, East End Blinds is practicing social distancing. We want to protect and care for those who work with us, our customers, and the public.

We have taken safety precautions and changed the way we do business. Our staff that is working is fully equipped with the proper PPE and adhering to Social Distancing guidelines. We have also introduced virtual appointments/estimates for customers who want to talk about projects and get design, price, and details picked out while sitting in the comfort of their home.

East End Blinds is here to assist you. Our service remains uninterrupted.
If you find yourself itching to complete some interior design projects and want to update your window treatments, reach out to us. We would be happy to set up a virtual appointment with you on Facetime or Zoom, or meet with you in person practicing Social Distancing guidelines. We can discuss our exciting new designs and plan your project.

We are all in this together. We will continue to monitor the COVID-19 situation and will follow guidance from public health officials and government agencies, so we can continue to support our customers and communities as needed.

For more information about COVD-19 and what you can do to keep healthy and safe, visit the Centers for Disease Control at or your local health department’s website.

“East End Blinds products are American Made in USA factories, and include a Lifetime Warranty, and Free Service Calls.”

Future Proof your Home

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East End Blinds window treatments provide beauty, thermal performance and numerous design options for any project. In a world of outsourcing and mass production, all of our windows are 100% designed, custom crafted and assembled in the United States. This ensures that our customers receive a superior product with the same exceptional quality and performance that is synonymous with Made in the USA. We offer a range of materials from traditional wood to innovative vinyl and premium aluminum and also an array of different fabrics. We then build our window treatments to the shape, size and function that fits your individual project and environment. East End Blinds provides elegance, performance and reliability to every project while adding value to your home. The best part about doing business with East End Blinds is that you will enjoy it! Our customers experience complete satisfaction, just take a look at our reviews on Facebook and Google. We have a stellar A+ rating with the BBB and our customers love referring their friends and family to us. Tom, our president is part of every project!

East End Window Blinds: Elegant & Energy Efficient

Designers on Long Island have long known East End Blinds to be superior in quality and energy performance to other window blind companies. Homeowners, on the other hand, often only learn during a failed project that window blind companies on Long Island are not just different, but far less qualified as well.

Whether it’s Alexa and smartphone controlled power blinds for your luxury home, New England style shutters, light filtering sun screens, or traditional window blinds, East End Blinds Hunter Douglas and Somfy brand products easily surpass Energy Star standards while offering impeccable aesthetics. Even seemingly simple window blinds can offer exceptional standards.

With decades of expertise in window treatments and customer appreciation, you can always count on us for the latest technology blended with traditional craftsmanship. Our products deliver the best U.S. workmanship for design, thermal performance, ultraviolet protection, durability and color and finish.

Contact us and let’s talk about your project!


Blinds With Energy Efficiency Will Help You Save On Energy Bills

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Blinds with energy efficiency are available at East End Blinds this winter season. Did you know 50% of your homes heating can escape through your windows? East End Blinds can help you save on energy bills this winter and all year long with energy efficient blinds from Hunter Douglas.

Lower Your Energy Bills With Energy Efficient Blinds

The following energy efficient blinds are available in a wide range of colors and styles at East End Blinds:

• Hunter Douglas Alustra® Duette® Honeycomb Shades
• Hunter Douglas Duette® Architella® Honeycomb Shades
• Hunter Douglas Duette® Trielle® Honeycomb Shades
• Hunter Douglas Applause® Honeycomb Shades

Blinds with Energy EfficiencyThese four blinds can help lower your energy bills all year long. Hunter Douglas Duette® and Applause® window shades are constructed with a honeycomb cell to help keep air trapped inside the pockets. In winter warm air remains inside your home and in summer cool air stays inside. The honeycomb cells on the Duette® and Applause blinds have varying levels of energy efficiency based on their cell size. Ask about double and triple cell construction for more energy efficient savings throughout the year.

If you purchase select energy efficient Hunter Douglas blinds for your home now you may qualify for additional savings and/or tax credits!

Best Blinds For Child & Pet Safety

Duette® and Applause® blinds also have safety features for children and pets. You’ll never have to worry about dangling, unexposed cords again in the baby’s room. Your cats and dogs won’t be tempted to play with blind cords. East End Blinds is a Hunter Douglas PowerView® Motorization expert. You can easily lower or raise your shades automatically at the touch of a button. Use your iPhone, Android, Tablet, Pebble® remote control or hard-wire switch to simultaneously control all the blinds and shades in your home. If you’re into technology, you’ll love the simplicity of operating motorized shades.

Blinds SkylightsPowerView® Motorization is also great for hard to reach windows. Skylights and large or expansive horizontal or vertical windows are ideal for PowerView® Motorization. You can also purchase your energy efficient blinds cordless. East End Blinds can guide you through all the options. Select lifting systems are on sale! Contact us for more information.

Window Blinds on Long Island: 2 Classic Styles

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When it comes to window blinds on Long Island, there are 2 classic options to dress up your windows. Whether you live in the Hamptons, Suffolk County, Nassau County, Fire Island, or NYC, we’ve got you covered! These Window Blinds will beautify your home in a spectacular way!

East End Blinds has a great design and installation team that has been in business over a decade. They are a boutique company with attention to detail and unmatched customer service. When it comes to window blinds on Long Island, there is only one choice!

Years ago window blinds were boring and institutional. Today you will find an array of styles and materials used in magnificent homes across the country. East End Blinds’ ultra-personalized service will walk you through every step of the process including picking out the best styles and materials for your home and staying within your budget. They handle large commercial jobs as well as small residential projects and they make the whole process a breeze. If white glove service and fine craftsmanship on a reasonable budget are your goal, you won’t be disappointed with East End Blinds. They have an endless supply of designs and materials. Below are 2 classic and popular styles.

Simple, charming and elegant. If you love classic style, the 2 window treatments below are for you!

These window treatments have not lost their appeal and timeless beauty. You’ll find these window treatments in some of the most beautiful homes on Long Island.

One important element of the interior design is the window treatment which provides an aesthetic, but most importantly, a functional purpose in the home. If you want a beautiful, classic look, these are the best window treatments to use:


Window shutters are excellent window treatments for a colonial home as they provide ventilation and protect the interior of a home from the harsh rays of the sun. Their louvered blades, controlled with a central pole, also serve as an excellent and easy insulation for the home. They are best not to be covered with curtains and can stand out alone.

The use of shutters dates back from ancient Greece. They were also used during the pre-colonial times in New England. Today, these have stood the test of time and are still considered one of the best options for window treatment for a colonial home for both its functional and aesthetic qualities.

In choosing shutters to use for your home, be careful of what to buy as there are two different types: colonial shutters and plantation shutters. These two types serve different purposes. Colonial shutters, as they have shorter and narrower slats, are used to keep out the cold breeze from the outside. Plantation shutters on the other hand are commonly used in tropical areas to keep heat out, with its wider and longer slats.

Venetian Blinds

Another great window treatment option for a colonial home is wooden blinds. Like shutters, they too have a rich history that dates back from ancient Egypt. Also called Venetian blinds, wooden blinds have slats, 1 to 3 inches wide, connected together by a long strip of cloth.

Venetian blinds were popular in New England between the 1800 and 1900s. They used to come in a clear finish to show the beautiful graining of the wood and this was part of its appeal. Nowadays, homeowners have more options as they come in different colors.

Aside from this aesthetic quality, Venetian blinds also provide many benefits to your home, including being easy to maintain.

Shutters and blinds not only complement the charming design of homes, they also do justice to its beautiful exteriors. So if you’re looking to revamp your classy Long Island home, consider getting any of these window treatments.

Contact us and tell us about your project. We’ll get back to you promptly to discuss how we can help!

Outdated Window Treatments

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Revamping your window treatments is a great way to beautify your home and make a noticeable difference in the look and feel of the place. Paper shades and mini-blinds have been replaced by an array of luxurious and innovative choices. You can now easily transform your windows into a major part of your interior design plan. Add color to the room with various fabrics and materials, use oversize wood blinds or shutters, or choose solar-shades that are able to filter the sun in varying degrees of permeability. These models give sun and glare control without losing your view. If you really want to add a touch of innovation go with motorized window blinds and shades which can be adjusted with the touch of a remote. They are sleek, smooth operating, quiet, and the epitome of luxury. Our friendly design team at East End Blinds will meet with you and help you come up with the best plan for your project. We use top of the line materials like Hunter Douglas, and we strive to keep our prices low and customers happy. We have dozens of great reviews on our website and Facebook page from satisfied customers, take a look, and Contact us!

Fall Harvest Window Design

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It is that time of year. The kids have been back to school now for a couple of weeks, work is busy, and we are in the grind. The days are a mix of wet hurricane remnants, and alternating warm/cool days as the season begins to find itself. Soon the air will be cold, and the leaves will turn colors and begin falling. Football and Soccer abound, and families are thrilled with the return of mom’s home made chili and apple crisp. Before you know it Halloween will arrive, followed promptly by Thanksgiving.

The fall harvest is one of our favorite seasons. Have you put out your mums? Are you decorated for the holidays? What have you done with your windows? Of course there are lots of superficial decorations to hang and beautify them, but what about your actual window coverings? Blinds, Shades, Shutters? That’s where we can help. We offer a variety of luxurious window treatments that will not only make your windows look spectacular, but they will help lower your heating bill this winter. Choose from heavy New England style wooden shutters, thick fabric window blinds, solar shades and an array of other options. We have all the latest colors, styles, and materials to choose from. Shoot us an email with your contact information and we’ll call you to speak about your project. We have worked on small homes, Hamptons Estates, NYC Condos, as well as commercial and institutional jobs. Contact us and someone from our design team will reach out to you. You can count on the highest level of customer service and satisfaction.

Outdoor Living: Sun Screens, Shades, and more for your Patio

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There are a variety of different ways to filter or block out the sunlight for your outdoor living space. With a little thought and design advice, you can really beautify your patio, pool area, sun room, barbecue area, and outdoor kitchen.  East End Blinds has been serving clients in the Hamptons for many years and has artfully created some of the most spectacular and creative sun screening in the area. There are motorized options with smooth and quiet Somfy technology, a broad range of products to choose from including high end fabric, woods, and so much more. Although traditional options are the most popular, our design team has also created some of the most beautiful abstract designs out there. We believe there are no limits, and will work with you to achieve something “special”. Contact us, and we’ll give you a call to set up an appointment. Tom and the team will come to visit you and talk about your project.